Marathon MC

Marathon MC



Marathon MC is a motorcycle club which members drive and build Harleys. Members are also active marathon and halfmarathon runners. This unusual combination is unique in Finland, maybe even worldwide.

We take part in to different kind of gatherings, both HD and marathon events, Finland and abroad. Summery highway is calling us with two best ways you can think of: Harleys roaring horsepower and muscular strength of legs. Basic idea of our activity is to bring the joyful message of HD-culture to the running events and to show how it’s succesfully possible to combine two different lifestyles. There is no other mc-group in Finland who is doing the same.

To avoid any mistakes of us being enthusiastic only about health – let it be clear that our members do not spit in the class. As they already knew in the beginning of 2000-century – king alcohol was used as a ”doping” for runners before a highintensity sport achievement.

Our patches were approved in Biker Meeting, September 2008.

If you are interested in our club and activities, contact us!